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Public Files

The browseable public download area is here: Download Area


This web site is not associated with or sponsored by Hardkernel, the makers of the Odroid development boards.

The Hardkernel web site is here: Hardkernel Website

This site is meant to share information about using odroids and act as a repository for customer-contributed files


My username on the [Hardkernel forum] is osterluk. It is the same as on this wiki.
My main interest is embedded systems -- Linux in particular. I've changed focus from buildroot/busybox to Debian.

I have a odroid-u2 development board.

Mirrors and File Servers

There are several places you can get files from:

You can get kernel updates (binary) from here:


This is the link to the torrent list: Odroid Torrent List

We don't have a link to the odroid forum topic, since the old forum was lost.

Debian on Odroid


See Debian Wheezy Instructions for setting up Debian for your odroid.



Hardware and drivers

See hardwareAndDrivers for some information on getting all of the hardware to work.

General Information

ODROID Devices

ODROID official forum (New link)

Useful Scripts

Temperature Checking

Top 5 Time consuming Tasks



Step-by-step Ubuntu SD Card Setup

Step-by-step Ubuntu SD Card Setup -- for Windows Users

Step-by-step NFS-mounted Root File System

Step-by-step Buildroot/Busybox Root File System

Step-by-step Native Compiling a Kernel

Step-by-step Cross-compiling a Kernel

Step-by-step Using qemu to Boot an Emulated Odroid

Updating from Root File System Images

Speed Builds Using Compiler Cache

ADB Guide

Cyanogenmod for u2

Mounting Root File System on External USB Drive

Pass a U-boot Environment Variable Though Kernel Command Line

Use cpufrequtils to Adjust Processor Settings

Use perf to find hot spots in your code

Contribute to this Wiki? Get an Account!

You are welcome to edit the wiki, but I need to add an account for you. I'm just fed up with 'bots spamming the Wiki -- I even added Captcha to try to foil them. To get an account:

  1. Join the HardKernel community forum
  2. Use the private message feature to send me (user: osterluk) your preferred username and a default password to use.
  3. I'll add it to the Wiki database and confirm that it is done.

This site is hosted on The account has unlimited traffic and unlimited space - everyone is welcome :)

Tips and Techniques