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My Device does not boot

Does the Power led light up?

if yes, continue with Check your Boot device

if no, replace your power supply.

Remove the plastic of the emmc/sd slot

Check whether there is plastic tape on/in the sd or emmc slot and remove it

Check your Boot device

Read this for correctly flashing your boot device: Step-by-step Ubuntu SD Card Setup

If your device still doesnt work try to zero your boot device (dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdx or flashnul)

Press the SD Card Slot

Still having problems and using an SD Card?

Press on the SD Slot when powering your U/U2

My Device boots (The alive led blinks), but it doesnt show anything on the display

You can see your device on your routers webpage as a DHCP client?

Good! Your device works so far, but your display fails displaying the signal.

HDMI => DVI adapter

some (most?) adapters are known to make problems, because of the output that the exynos produces. please try an HDMI Cable

HDMI without adapter

if you get no output but you are using HDMI then your monitor or tv does not support "real" HDMI, it has converters internal for HDMI => DVI or HDMI => DVI => VGA which is most likely to fail for the signal the odroids (SoC) produce

Change standard Resolution

Here are 3 boot scriptor files to change HDMI resolution for ODROID-U2.




hdmi720 means the phy of HDMI will be set to 720p.

hdmi1080 means the phy of HDMI will be set to 1080p.

lcd720 means the native resolution will be set to 720p.

lcd1080 means the native resolution will be set to 1080p.

Choose one of three files and rename it to boot.scr.

And copy the file(boot.scr) into the FAT partition of your storage and reboot.


USB Harddrive does not work

Please make sure that your usb drive doesnt use more than 500mA, if it uses more then this it will most likely not work because the ODROID devices have a protection circuit for this.

If you can, always power the usb drive by an external power source. A powered USB Hub is an easy way to feed power to the usb drive.