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This topic is for odroidxu


We need user space code to allow framebuffer device output to make it to the HDMI -- don't ask me how it works. If you don't have this, nothing will be displayed...

You can build it, our use already-built binaries. The kernel-update.sh script picks up the binaries for some distros -- but not for armel

Ready-made Package

You can pick up an armel package here (look for armel): http://odroid.us/odroid/odroidxu/debian/packages/ There is an as-built tarball including all the configured source too.

building exynos-hwcomposer

I used a native build (on the odroidxu) for this -- to avoid any cross-building issues.

# Get latest version
git clone --depth 0 https://github.com/hardkernel/linux.git -b odroidxu-3.4.y odroidxu-3.4.y
cd odroidxu-3.4.y/tools/hardkernel/exynos5-hwcomposer
sh autogen.sh
./configure --prefix=/usr
make -j5 && make install

Setup Lxde

apt-get install xorg lxde 

configure X

cat <<EOF >/etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Section "Device"
            identifier "FBDEV"
            Driver "fbdev"
            Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb0"

    Section "Screen"
            identifier "Default Screen"
            Device "FBDEV"
            DefaultDepth 24

Finish up

reboot and ...