Odroidu2 20130125-linaro-desktop SDeMMC

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What's New

  • System

- Ubuntu Software Center is working - boot partition size increased to 128MB(you must write the full image for this update)

  • Kernel features

- Based on Linux kernel 3.0.60 - Add ZEN I/O scheduler - modules of REISERFS - modules of F2FS (backported from linux 3.8 by zehome) - modules of AFS - module of Crypto stuff - module of Joystic stuff - module of UHID - Tweaked kernel/timer - support Ralink's RT5370 Wireless USB dongle (which was sold with ODROID-X)

how to overclock : - max frequency that can be set 2000000 1920000 1800000 1704000(default) echo 1920000 > /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_max_freq

The OpenGL-ES 3D driver for X11 is not included in this release. We got the Mali DDK-r3p2 from Samsung/ARM about 10 days ago and we've ported it to ODROID-X/X2/U2. We are testing it and waiting for the approval from ARM now. It may take about 10 days. Please be patient for a couple of weeks. Sorry for this delay.

Download Links

This is the expected md5sum: b5cafc94357c108fcda9b54168e5c25a odroidu2_20130125-linaro-ubuntu-desktop_SDeMMC.img.xz

Download from this mirror:

wget -c http://odroid.us/odroid/odroidu2/ubuntu/odroidu2_20130125-linaro-ubuntu-desktop_SDeMMC.img.xz
wget -c http://odroid.us/odroid/odroidu2/ubuntu/odroidu2_20130125-linaro-ubuntu-desktop_SDeMMC.img.xz.md5sum
md5sum -c odroidu2_20130125-linaro-ubuntu-desktop_SDeMMC.img.xz.md5sum