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Part of the HDMI protocol is the CEC protocol. This allows controlling of the TV over the HDMI cable.

For android, there's by default a driver available, which is not in the standard linux kernel. There's a tree on github which contains the ported android driver. It is tested on a OdroidX2.

git clone https://github.com/ThijsWithaar/linux.git
git checkout odroid-3.8-cec

To make the drivers, checkout the patched sources above, then follow the instructions on Step-by-step_Native_Compiling_a_Kernel. Modify the .config file such that it contains


After compiling and installing the driver (drivers/media/platform/s5p-cec.ko)

dmesg | grep cec

should contain lines like:

[   63.530000] S5P CEC for TVOUT Driver, Copyright (c) 2011 Samsung Electronics Co., LTD.
[   63.535000] s5p-cec s5p-cec: probe start
[   63.535000] s5p_cec_probe: pdata=ed0e9540
[   63.540000] s5p_cec_cfg_gpio()
[   63.545000] s5p-cec s5p-cec: s5p_cec_mem_probe(): mapped cec_base to f005e000, size 1000
[   63.550000] s5p-cec s5p-cec: Requesting irq 146 for s5p-cec
[   63.555000] s5p-cec s5p-cec: probe successful

To build the matching user space program, which is a modified version of Pulse Eight's program, do:

git clone https://github.com/vamanea/libcec.git
cd libcec
./configure --enable-exynos
make install

Now use 'cec-client -l' or 'cec-client -m' to try it out!