Debian-wheezy-gnome-6 Build Notes

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debian-wheezy-gnome-6.1 was build starting with debian-wheezy-base-6.1

Boot the odroid, login on the serial console as root.

Fix permissions on resolv.conf so non-root users can resolve hostnames/URLs

chmod 777 /etc/resolv.conf

Install Gnome:

apt-get install gnome-core xorg gdm3

Paste this "here document" into the console to create xorg.conf. Use an editor if you prefer. nano is installed.

cat <<EOF_MARK >>/etc/X11/xorg.conf
    Section "Device"
       identifier "FBDEV"
       Driver "fbdev"
       Option "fbdev" "/dev/fb6"

    Section "Screen"
       identifier "Default Screen"
       Device "FBDEV"
       DefaultDepth 16

Start the display manager

service gdm3 restart