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First a reminder about my images. *.img.xz means it is a compressed multi-partition image. You need to use xz to decompress it before writing it to SD Card.

  • .rootfs.tgz is just the root file system partition contents. Only needed to quickly get back to the original flash contents
  • .boot.tgz is just the boot partition contents. Only needed in case you wreck something and can no longer boot.
  • .md5sum are md5 checksum files you <should> use to make sure the associated file was downloaded properly.


  • Runs only on odroidxu
  • Debian Jessie. soft-floating point only (armel)
  • linux-3.4.75 from HK
  • Follows layout of HK supported Debian images


  • Do not run It wrecks the /boot/uInitrd file. (I saved a copy in /root/boot-backup)
  • There are kernel complaints on initialization:
    s5p_mfc_load_firmware:179: Firmware is not present in the /lib/firmware directory nor compiled in kernel.


    Look for the files here:

    Details on how the image was built are here: debian-jessie-armel-7.1-odroidxu Build Notes