Cyanogenmod for u2

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Before I start seems only to work (with GAPPS) with wifi not ethernet

Firstly have a working normal android rom installed on the SD card (nearly forgot that bit)

· Download the latest nightly from

· Download the recovery files from

· Extract the two zips and put the resulting 4 files on the root of your SD card whilst it’s plugged into your PC.

· Download the correct GAPPS 10.1 and move the gapps file (as is) onto the root of the sd

· Put SD card into u2 and boot - You should now boot to recovery.

· Clear Cache

· Wipe Data/Factory Reset

· Clear Dalvik (in advanced)

Now here was an issue for me might be all of us - I had no way to return to the previous menu (odd normally the old ... on recovery is missing this might be fixed if it is you won’t need to power down just return to main menu) - (update I noticed with a keyboard that the del key did indeed return to previous menu so this might work for some)


· Turn off the U2 and remount the SD card to the PC

· Copy the boot file from earlier to the SD card again

· Move the SD card to the U2 and boot again (should go back into recovery)


· Install update from SD Card

· Choose file from SD card

· move to the the nightly file and press return

· Wait till it completes

· And then do the same for the gapps file (pick choose from sd card again)

Now due to me not having a return option (see update) - power down the U2

Now power it back up and ..........

CyanogenedMod on your U2.....

If you want to apply an update to the nightly simply put the newer file onto the sd card and also the boot file - it will boot to recovery so you then just need to update (shouldn't need to clear cache etc on an update)

Enjoy and thanks yet again to Ricardo Cerqueira

The only thing I’ve found not to work (not including things highlighted in Emmc thread) is the sd card partition as such isn’t mounted.